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Trent Erwin

My career started in journalism along with writing tons of web articles—nearly 1,000 to be exact. I love writing and still do, but I’m glad it morphed into more than content writing. I soon learned search engine optimization (SEO) and how to take a website from no prominence on Google to being a top competitor. I’ve helped brands create a web marketing plan that works, including blogging efforts that in some cases have achieved more than 200,000 views and national recognition.

The bottom line—I’ve learned how to help others be successful online and cut the confusion.

These days I’m really into photography and video production, so we are excited to provide those services to you as well.

Family - married to my wonderful wife Meagan and we have an eight-month old, Meredith, who has the biggest smile and giggles around.

Faith - we are Christians. Faith is incredibly important to me and my family. We firmly believe all things were created by God and for God, so we strive to treat everyone with love and compassion because we are all His creation. No, we don’t push our beliefs on anyone. We sincerely hope our faith is compelling and invites questions so we have the opportunity to share why we believe what we believe. We see our work as a way to minister—to love and serve those we help.

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We know finding a web marketer you can trust is no small task. So many in this business are out to get your money and provide nothing in return. That’s not how we operate at all. Book some time with Trent and learn what we’re all about.

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