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Church Websites


Two simple approaches for church websites:

  • Using Squarespace (Total setup cost: $900)
  • Using WordPress (Total setup cost: $1,250)

Getting a new website or updated website shouldn’t be a hassle and it shouldn’t break your church’s budget. You need a place to provide new member information and update your current members on the events of the church. That doesn’t require a multi-thousand dollar investment that some agencies will sell you. 

Squarespace is the most simple setup for a website and all-inclusive for $12-18 per month. WordPress is a more expansive, but slightly more complex to set up, and costs about $20-30 per month.

No matter the website solution, you will incur a monthly charge for hosting the website on a server. 

Which website approach is right for your church?

-If you want the most simple setup that still looks professional and clean, then Squarespace is right for you. Squarespace offers fewer integrations and customization than Wordpress, but still offers a beautiful website on a budget. 

-If you want a website that can grow and expand with your needs, with more customization, then WordPress is right for you. It does require more frequent maintenance because more website assets are in play, but it is vast platform. 

How does the website setup process work?

  1. Initial consultation to learn about your needs
  2. You select Squarespace or WordPress (pay 50% deposit of setup cost)
  3. I will create your account and setup the hosting
  4. You send me assets for your website: content, photos, videos, PDFs, etc. 
  5. I will design your website with your assets
  6. Present your concept
  7. Complete a round of revisions
  8. Launch the website


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