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We're the Erwins, a couple dedicated to giving you quality media to remember life's biggest moments, and simple processes to sign up. 



We met on a mission trip to the Philippines a few years back. After staying in touch a little after the trip, and after other relationships ran their course, we reconnected. I (Trent) was living in Alabama and Meagan was here in Memphis. I drove 5.5 hours for our first date. Although Meagan was sick during that date, she had enough fun to let me keep dating her, even long distance. 



After a few months of long distance, and lots of praying, I made the move to Memphis and then in another few months I got down on my knee. Meagan said "yes." We always laugh because her baby sister sees the photo of the engagement and asks "Meag, why are you covering your mouth?" Let's just say she was shocked and overwhelmed. 

Nearly one year after, we got married and settled in the Memphis area. 

Meagan is a nurse here. She's always worked with babies and thoroughly enjoys it. She started in the NICU at Leboneur. It was quite the intimidating first job out of college, but she excelled and worked to save many precious, young lives. Now, she cares for healthy newborn babies. Quite the change. But she still loves babies and helping families do the very best for their new additions to the family. 

I do videography full time for Speak Creative, specifically bringing video production to businesses and nonprofit organizations through their websites. Before I was at Speak, I did videography on my own, along with digital marketing. I've always done some sort of media, whether it's video or written media. Video is certainly my profession and my hobby, which is why I do so much outside of the hours I put in at Speak. 

I've been doing wedding video production for the last two years. Meagan joined in on the fun about a year ago. She was intimidated at first, which is natural. I was too. But I taught her how operate a camera and be my support as a second shooter. So now she comes along with me on wedding days. 


To give you visual memories to cherish for as long as possible. Whether it's a wedding or another life event, we want to capture life as it unfolds and share it in a way that immerses you in the memories. We also promise to make the process simple and personal - you're not another transaction or another project. We want to be a blessing to you! 


We're certainly driven and focused on our faith in God. We know not everyone we work with shares our Christian values, and that's certainly fine. But our Christian values influence our work and how we work with people. We value people and doing quality work with honesty. 

We also value simplicity. Our world is already complicated enough. So when you work with us, you don't get a tedious process. For example, many wedding videographers charge based on an amount of hours. We don't. You already have enough decisions to make for your wedding day. Let's leave the hours out of it. Simple enough? We hope so.