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Search engine marketing

Having a website is great. Making that website work for you is the hard part. Google is tough to understand, so we help to whip your website into search engine shape so people can find you and do business with you.


Let’s be honest - most people don’t enjoy writing. And even if you do, you probably don’t have much time for it. We’re happy to take that load off your back and write content for you website.

Google paid advertising

Advertising on Google is still one of the best ways to position your organization in front of your audience for at an affordable cost. We’ll make sure you have great ads that don’t waste your budget and actually convert visitors.

Small website design

If you’re looking for a great website under 20 pages in size that you can easily manage and scale, then we have the solution for you. We build our websites in either WordPress or Squarespace, depending on your need.


A great website involves a lot…but one of the major components is beautiful visuals. We can capture the right photos and produce the right video for you to showcase your website, and beyond. And it won’t cost your entire marketing budget.

Website Consulting

Website not performing well? Not sure what to do? We’ll help you identify the problems and solve them so your website can truly work for your benefit.


About Erwin Media:


8 years of experience helping brands do more online

I’m passionate about helping you elevate your brand and use website marketing to your advantage. You can do this! I’m just here to help guide you.



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Our desire is to give everything we know and everything we can do to help you.
— Trent Erwin, Owner


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