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Search Engine Marketing: website audits, keywords, optimization, & more



Showing up high on Google isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. We’ll work with you to make the most of your website and get it as high as we can on Google for increased visibility.

First, we’ll run a thorough audit of your website and find everything that needs to either be fixed or improved. From there we’ll execute on an action plan to address everything we found in the initial audit. Second, we’ll work on ongoing content creation because regular content updates to your website is at the cornerstone of great SEM.

Throughout everything we will report to you what’s happening, what we’re working on, and results we’re discovering. We won’t leave you in the dark on anything.


Google Ads: ad creation, planning, management


Google Ads

The great thing about Google ads is that they’re incredibly specific and still affordable in most categories, plus you can scale your advertising as you wish. You can certainly start small and grow from there.

We don’t always recommend Google ads, but they are certainly beneficial depending on your industry and what you’re selling.

We can help you make the most of your budget, target the right audiences, and keep you from wasting money. If you’re not managing your ads well, then you’re likely throwing away money. Let’s correct that.

If you’re a non-profit, we can help you secure a Google Grant and get free advertising money per month. Sound good? Let’s give it a shot.


Content Writing: webpage, blog, & more


Content Writing

Most people don’t enjoy writing and we understand. Or you might enjoy it but don’t have the time, and we certainly understand that as well. Let us take the writing burden off your hands and we’ll make sure you get professionally written content that you can be proud of and excited to put on your website. We know how to write content for the web because we’ve been doing it for nearly 9 years now, and we know how to write content that works perfectly with search engine marketing.

So if you need a few webpages written, or your whole website, or even some ongoing blog content, we can handle it and make your life easier. Plus we can write it, upload it, polish it and publish it. All you have to do is approve it.